The application of our expertise in the specific demands of our clients. We highlight the revision of the customs procedures in the companies, ex-tariff issues, classification consultations, cost analysis of imported and exported products, among others. The purpose of the Foreign Trade Consultancy is to optimize the administrative and operational processes related to the International Trade segment. The import and export consulting services aim to support your company in its processes involving foreign trade through our vast know-how. Through the import and export consultancy, we pass on to your company our understanding of the tax benefits so that the operations are carried out in order to bring cost reduction.

Brazilian import requirements and bottlenecks can be challenging, but they do not have to be impossible, your company can overcome these challenges through efficient advice, consolidated by years of practice in foreign trade. We provide customs advice to your company. We carry out careful and detailed documentary planning. We prepare the documentation even in the case of a parameterization that indicates the red channel of customs conference. If there is a dispute on the part of the authorities, we have experience in proving and explaining our choices, avoiding to the maximum possible the wear and tear in this situation. We provide tax and tax advice to your orders. We add detailed tax planning to your imports, bypassing barriers and satisfying legal requirements. Our classification of goods explores all possibilities of import tax reduction. We monitor opportunities for possible benefits, such as tax reduction and tax exemption. With MX Trading consulting, your imports take place with more security and benefits.

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