We have high knowledge, expertise and know-how in orders of every size, type and complexity. We bring to your company positive and adequate results in imports, adding value, differential and competitiveness to your business. All this with the reduction of costs, of expenses and of waiting that only our specialization in the sector can offer. We are located in Fortaleza - Ceará, currently one of the main strategic points of the national logistics. We thus detect the best conditions of nationalization of their orders, with safety evaluation, tax burden, logistics conditions and operations capacity.
We employ detailed and detailed planning in all stages of your importation, from purchase to nationalization. We have added improved security and performance in our operations, performing their business in the best possible and available conditions. We carry out extensive research to ensure that your imports receive the best tax treatment available. Our planning by a billing team with accountants specializing in taxation. We conducted a thorough tax assessment at both the federal and state levels. Among other possibilities, we look for ports and states with an adequate tax burden, reduction of ICMS on import and eventual benefits, such as reduction of taxes and tax exemption.

Imports generate benefits for many companies in Brazil due to the low cost and high quality of many goods produced abroad, which makes these products more competitive in the Brazilian market. All goods imported into Brazil must undergo procedures related to the Receita Federal Revenue (Customs), and this is one of the services offered by us from MX Trading in the import sector. We operate through two import modalities and offer door-to-door services from the overseas supplier to the final destination named by the customer. In both cases, it is necessary to enable the acquiring / ordering company in Siscomex (Integrated Foreign Trade System) and the link with the authorization of MX Trading in this system.

Here are some of the services we provide for your company:
- Registration of the Company or Individual with the Receita Federal (customs);
- Study and Classification of Merchandise in TEC;
- Elaboration of Non-Automatic Licensing - LI;
- Administrative treatment with consenting bodies - LI;
- Operational Procedures with Maritime, Air and Road Companies;
- Administrative procedures with the DMM;
- Follow-up of the agreement with the official Bodies;
- Preparation and Registration of Import Declaration - DI;
- Preparation and Registration of Simplified Import Declaration - DSI;
- Customs Transit Declaration - DTA;
- Early Despatch;
- Temporary admission;
- Door-to-door services, from the supplier abroad to the final destination determined by the customer;
- Contracting of national transport (road or air) and transport insurance.
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