Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing is a term used to describe Strategic Sourcing in today's global definition. We use Global Sourcing to explore the overall efficiency of delivering a product or service. Global Sourcing is very well allocated for the acquisition of low value-added components (mainly commodity-type items) and is mostly practiced by companies at lower levels of the supply chain. More sophisticated products require, in most cases, physical proximity between customers and suppliers, for the provision of technical assistance services, if necessary. Much of the success in import / export depends on finding the right merchandise at the right supplier. With our global sourcing service, MX Trading finds the best options for supplying products and services for your orders. We detect the best possible combinations between quality, price and competence, always in search of the best cost-benefit ratio, according to the expectations and needs of your business. Home Here's what we can do for your company through our Sourcing Service:

1) Sectorial Analysis: A study that presents, through statistics, the diagnosis of a sector of the economy in relation to Brazilian foreign trade. The study includes: the trade balance of recent years; the evolution of the participation of the state sector in relation to Brazil; participation of the sector in the trade balance of Ceará; relation between the average price and volume exported; main corridors of the sector; main products exported / imported from Ceará and Brazil; main destination countries of exports and origin of imports; status of the state in relation to the country in the sector (export / import); among other information;

2) Study of Commercial Relations: A study that presents, through statistics, the trade relations (trade balance, main products exported / imported, value / volume, etc.) of Ceará and / or Brazil with a certain country;

3) Study of Ceará Exporting and Importing Municipalities: A study that presents, through statistics, commercial relations (trade balance, main exported / imported products, value / volume, etc.) of a municipality of Ceará;

4) Find Potential Markets Abroad: The study assists entrepreneurs in identifying five potential markets for the export of a product. This service includes the analysis of the economic performance of foreign markets for such a product (the 8-digit NCM), including analysis of macroeconomic data, trade balance and trade flow. In addition, it seeks the comparative analysis of the markets identified with the country of origin (Brazil), in order to identify the five main import markets in the world with a greater probability of success for the export of the product;

5) Find Potential Markets Suppliers: The study assists the entrepreneur in identifying potential markets for the import of a product. This service includes the performance analysis of the main export markets and the lower average prices of said product, in addition to those countries that already have commercial relations with Brazil. For this purpose, the following information is analyzed: average price; cost of freight; taxes paid in Brazil, administrative treatments and trade barriers;

6) Study the Target Market: It consists of an in-depth study of a particular country (or the market with the best score obtained by the study Find Potential Markets Abroad), containing economic, social, cultural and foreign trade data, as well as information of tariff and non-tariff barriers for a given product (8-digit NCM). This service has as a focus the collection of relevant information so that the entrepreneur understands the culture and economy of a country of interest;

7) Study Identifies Customers Abroad: It includes the identification of potential customers (importers) of the product to be exported, as well as information on general aspects of the country's culture and negotiation models. In this study, sources of information are consulted in the Target Country, specialized directories and contact networks to validate the list of potential clients abroad;

8) Study Identifying Suppliers Abroad: It includes identification of potential suppliers (exporters) of the product to be imported, as well as information on international logistics (freight value), taxes paid in Brazil, administrative treatments and trade barriers. In this study, sources of information are consulted in the Target Country, specialized directories and contact networks for validation of the list of potential suppliers.

We work with strategic global sourcing partners, which increase our research capacity, allowing even more accurate and appropriate results for your company. We search among our wide network of suppliers, located in the most competitive and efficient markets of the present time. We monitor the international market constantly through research, intelligence and on-site visits. We follow the performance of the world economy and market, always looking for the best options for your business. We visit international fairs and suppliers, researching and detecting offers, news and opportunities. Count on MX Trading's global sourcing service, quality and excellence in foreign trade

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